High-tech hearing aids designed as stylish HEARWEAR™

A new charging paradigm

The Styletto hearwear revolution has been made possible by using a pin shaped battery instead of the industry’s conventional round batteries. This rechargeable Li-ion battery not only helped to achieve the new form factor titled “SLIM-RIC” (Slim Receiver-In-Canal hearing aid). In addition to its far sleeker look compared to conventional hearing aids, the new power solution also caters to many people’s active lifestyle, for example weekend city breaks and frequent travel. Styletto’s ultra-slim portable charging case enables four days** of user autonomy, free from plugs or cables for completely convenient handling on the move.

Furthermore, Styletto offers the latest advancements of the proven Signia Nx platform in terms of energy efficiency, rechargeable Li-ion batteries and the most natural sound. Additionally, It provides superior speech understanding in noise and Own Voice Processing (OVP) for a natural sounding own voice.

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* Signia consumer study 2018: When presented with a choice, 84% of respondents chose an offering with Styletto
** Based on 16 hours wearing time per day